Photographing Families as they Grow Up from Newborn to Toddlers

Climbing inside old trees, splashing in the river and collecting cool rocks - sounds about right for a family photo shoot at Snoqualmie Falls (one of the coolest waterfalls near Seattle). This was photo shoot #8 with the Dullum family - a few years ago we started with newborn photos of their oldest daughter and we've done photo shoots (approx) every three months since then. They've added another kiddo, grown their hair long and chosen a bunch of different locations for shoots. It's been such a fun blessing watching this family grow from two to four through my camera lens. I'm so grateful for the relationships I get to build through this business and I'm so happy that these guys have a photo record of the early years of childhood together. Thank you so much Dullum family for coming back again and again to the Happy Film Company. You guys are supertastic and I can't wait for more photos in the future!! xx Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Snoqualmie Falls
Adventure: Forest Walk