Behind the Scenes with the Happy Film Company Photographers (May)

The grass was poking me and I'm pretty sure anyone behind me would have seen a few inches of less-than-cute plumbers booty but it was all worth it. Victoria was in control of the photo shoot and I was crouching in the nearby bushes, capturing some snapshots of her in action. The photos that we take of families are all about THEIR happy memories. The behind the scenes photos that we take of each other are all about OUR happy memories. Being a photographer is such hard work and it comes with such big rewards. I leave every shoot with a rush of adrenaline and I drive home on a high (the legal kind). I get to work as a photographer (my dream job) because families book photo shoots with me. I am so grateful for this opportunity every day and I save behind-the-scenes pictures because they are my happy memories. Thank you families :)'s a little sneak peek into what life looks like behind the camera. xoxo Chamonix

Behind the Scenes Photos of and by: Chamonix Rachel & Victoria

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