PEPS Annual Evening of Appreciation - the Beauty of Networking

On Friday night, Ashley and I zoomed across the lake and hit up the PEPS Appreciation Party at FareStart Restaurant in Westlake, Seattle.

the Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS) is a friendly organization in Seattle that helps parents connect with other parents in their neighborhood so they can have a support network and make friends!! the Happy Film Company has been working with PEPS since May 2014 and we love all of the families we meet through PEPS — they're all passionate about family and we love sharing our passion for family photos with them!

I'm soo grateful that Ashley and I can do these things together because walking into a crowded room is so intimidating. Jasmine Star, an awesome wedding photographer in California, gave me the most obvious yet genius advice for networking events.... walk straight up to any group and say 'Hi, Can I join you guys?'. BOOM! Just like that, you're in. Thank you Jasmine!

So on Friday, we joined a group of women who were from EvoFit fitness in West Seattle. They got us so inspired about finding new hidden gems around the city for photo shoot locations. I love hearing directly from parents - what do you guys want? Give us feedback and we'll make it happen! These ladies wanted something unique, something they'd never seen before. We have all of our favorite spots for family photos but after this conversation, we're so pumped up for adventure & location scouting! Keep your eyes peeled for fresh creativity coming your way this summer! Woohoo! Thank you EvoFit ladies for the fresh ideas and business advice!! We can't wait to photograph your families soon :D

Chamonix & Ashley