Our Top Tip for Picking Outfits for Your Family Photo Shoot

Need some styling help for your Seattle family photo shoot; what to wear and what props to bring? You want it to look natural but 'put together', right? Let's use the Eriksen family as a fantastic example of a naturally styled family photo shoot. These four girls showed up the Christmas tree farm wearing outfits that FIT together. They weren't matchy match. Each girl had her own unique outfit but notice how all the outfits had similarities. They all have red, blue and gray. They all have warm cozy fabrics. Two of them were wearing clothes with similar wintery patterns and the other two were wearing solid colors. Both the girls have pigtails (but one is braided and the other is just tied up.) When it came to sitting down for their winter picnic, they were sitting on a GRAY blanket sipping from RED mugs which, obviously, coordinated with the clothing. It doesn't seem like much but it makes a HUGE difference when you take the time to tie all your outfits & props together with a common thread like colors & patterns. Some of our clients like to send us a snapshot (a day or two before their photo shoot) of their chosen outfits spread out on the bed. Sometimes they can't decide between a couple shirts and we'll use our "super expert photography eyes" to give them guidance. Feel free to send us your photo shoot outfits & props for approval: hello@thehappyfilmcompany.com We're always happy to help! // Chamonix

Photographer: Rachel
Adventure: Christmas Tree Farm
Location: McMurtry's Red-Wood Christmas Tree Farm