Orange Leaves and an Apple Basket — Seattle Family Holiday Portraits

The instant I met the Takeuchi family for their Seattle family holiday portraits, I felt like I already knew them! I'd photographed Lindsey's equally lovely sister Lauren a few times, and the resemblance is crazy! Lindsey and Cameron are such sweethearts with the biggest smiles. Baby Brooklyn has the cutest cheeks and little grin when she's being tossed in the air! We wandered through the pretty leaves, brought a basket of apples along with us, tickled and kissed Brooklyn, snuggled up under the golden leaves, and even snuck in a few engagement photos at the end. I love working with such enthusiastic families and just wanted to keep hanging out with them! ;) Thanks so much Takeuchi family for asking the Happy Film Company to photograph your lovely family this year, we can't wait to work with you again! ~ Ashley

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Washington Park Arboretum