Natural Seattle Newborn Photography at Home - White and Blue Outfit

This week we've been focusing a lot of newborn babies. We got lots of client who book in. The last week I've done 3 newborn photoshoot and today we're excited remembering the Siew family's newborn photoshoot from last year.

Thanks Siew Family! We hope you're doing well now that your baby is a year older.  xoxo Chamonix and the Happy Film Company Team.

Here's the blog from last year:

I had the pleasure of shooting the Siew family's maternity photos (click here to view their maternity photos), and was so excited to meet their tiny little one! Chloe was such a cutie, though she wasn't very happy with us waking her up from her nap! ;) She had such powerful lungs, this one! Despite her being fussy, we got so many sweet photos! Ivone and Terrance are such doting, patient parents, knowing what Chloe needed to be cozy and happy. I love working with such joyful, new parents as they start their families! Thanks so much Siew family for asking the Happy Film Company to take your photos a second time!

*Chloe was asleep right up until her photo shoot. This is one of the benefits of doing newborn photos at her home. 99% of our newborn photo shoots take place at people's homes. We recommend newborn photo shoots in private residences because they are more personal and much easier on new parents and babies. Everything you need is right there are your convenience! Plus, you have privacy and complete control over the environment. 

Photographer: Ashley
Location: Private Residence