Natural Newborn Photography at Home - Lifestyle Seattle Newborn Photos

"Take me to the biggest brightest window in your house!" That's what I'll tell you when you ask us to take your Seattle newborn photos. We pretty much always do newborn portraits at your home (rather than in a studio or out somewhere on location) because we want to a) make your life as easy as possible and b) we specialize in lifestyle newborn photography which means we're just capturing you and your baby as you cuddle at home on the couch or in bed. It's just like our regular family portrait sessions - we do a few "posed photos" but most of the shoot we're just hanging out chatting. You're snuggling and we're creeping around with our camera (haha) capturing your natural family-time - like we're on safari. It's way more personal, intimate and relaxed so your pictures end up looking very natural and happy.

So yes, the biggest brightest window is our favorite spot to take photos because it's where everything looks the most beautiful in photos. For the Ferrer family's newborn portrait session they had one of the most ideal set-ups ever! Their guest room was all white with white bed sheets and a big window with white blinds. The blinds are important because they soften the light so it's not so bright and direct on their baby's skin. It was perfect and the pictures turned out so soft and light. Thank you so much Ferrer family for so incredibly sweet and lovely to work with. I had a wonderful afternoon with you and it warms my heart to see how much you love your daughter Nicole. I hope we get to take your pictures again in the future. xoxo Chamonix & the Happy Film Company team


Location: Private Residence