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As a Seattle family portrait photography team, we spend most of our time working with families who have kids ages 0-10 years old. But every now and then we get to spice up our life and do couples portraits for parents or engagements. Earlier this month I did mini photo shoots in the Mt. Vernon tulip fields and I got to take Seattle engagement photos Sapoff family. (This was their second photo shoot with us because last year they volunteered last year to be models in our apprenticeship program. Learn more.) Amber and her guy are so goofy together and I couldn't stop laughing from behind the camera as they wrestled, licked each other's noses, pulled ridiculous funny faces and carried each other through the tulips. This kind of personality is exactly what I love about our clients at the Happy Film Company. Our company brand and culture prioritizes fun playful down-to-earth goodness. Our employees, our photos, our clients ... I want all of it to be super chill and happy.

Sapoff Engagement

Our package is simple (just one to choose from), our booking process is simple (just pick your date on our availability calendar and send in your booking form), our photo shoots are simple (just go play with your kids, we'll do the rest), our delivery is simple (we send you a link to a gallery and you download the photos straight to your computer). Voila - it's so easy so now we can kick back and just have fun together. Our happy business totally attracts the cool cats around Seattle. Hands down we have the most awesome families coming to us for photos. I know all of them by name and I genuinely get excited to see them multiple times through the year, to see their posts on Facebook and watch their kids grow up. Happiness attracts happiness. Being a playful Seattle family photography company is such a joy - I can't believe this is my job and my company. What a blessing! Thank you so much Sapoff family (and all of you other wonderful families out there) for bringing such good vibes and making it possible for my team at the Happy Film Company to do what we love for a living. You guys rock and I'm so grateful for you! xoxo Chamonix


Photographer: Chamonix
ocation: Mt. Vernon Tulip Fields