Round Mini Magnets (Set of 15) - Printing Your Family Photos - the Happy Film Company

WHY WE LOVE MINI MAGNETS: Can you say cute? We are always looking for fun ways to print your family photos and we get especially excited when we find an awesome way to gift your photos. Not only do our magnets make perfect presents for loved ones, mini magnets are fab for families looking for ways to incorporate more photos throughout their house in interesting ways. 

HOW TO ORDER: You can order your mini magnets directly through our office (send us an email) or through your online gallery using your shopping cart. (Mini Magnets are located under the "Products" tab.)

CHOOSING YOUR IMAGES: Each set of mini magnets contains 15 little magnets. You can choose 15 separate photos or you can have repeats. Choose your favorite 15 images from your online gallery — when you are shopping in your gallery, use the "Image Selection" tab to indicate which images you've chosen for your magnet set.

For 2014, our Set of 15 Round Mini Magnets is $25.
Please let us know if you have any questions about magnets or printing your family photos in general!
— xoxo the Happy Film Company team!