Mercer Island Family Portrait Photography at Luther Burbank Park

My eyes got all big and I just stared at Elissa with true happiness coursing through my veins. She had just given me the last piece of the Honey Mama's chocolate bar that they ate during their Mercer Island family photo shoot winter picnic. This was officially the most delicious chocolate I've ever tasted - FACT! But some online ASAP. haha! Not only did I get a piece of the world's most delicious chocolate bar, I also got to spend the morning playing at Luther Burbank Park (one of my favorite hidden gems of Seattle) with the Mayszak family (one of the most playful sweetest families in Seattle). West is so full of energy; wrestling with his parents, chasing Woobie, his furry friend, and jumping on the fire engine playground. He was telling me all about his friends at school and how they pretend to be jaguars.

I always feel so inspired when I get to photograph kids with such active imaginations; it reminds me how I want to be and why I love photographing children. I get to play and dive into their world for an hour. So thank you so much to the Mayszak family and all of the wonderful parents out there who love family photography and choose to invest some money in my happy little business. Because of you, I am blessed to live in a world of beauty and imagination and happiness. I hope the photos and videos my company creates for you will give you the same wonderful fuzzy feelings for your entire life. Lots of Happiness, Jaguar Roars & To-Die-For Chocolate // Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Luther Burbank Park (Mercer Island)

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