Juanita Beach Park - Seattle Family Preemie Baby Photography

I met the Hoffman family at Juanita Beach Park for their Seattle family photo shoot, scheduled specifically to celebrate baby Emmett, who was a preemie and is now fully healthy & ready to strike a pose for the camera! Emmett's mamma booked a family photo shoot with the Happy Film Company this spring and brought along a special canvas of a photograph taken of Emmett when he was born. It was so exciting to see his growth and to see him beside this photo - what a contrast! Here's a little note from Emmett's family about their preemie experience:

"On May 18, at just 26 weeks pregnant, I checked into labor and delivery because things just didn't feel right. I half-expected them to send me home. After determining I had a slow amniotic leak and was in active labor, I was given magnesium to stop things. But Emmett had other plans and was born just a few hours later. He weighed 1 lb. 14 oz at birth, and was 13 inches long. The next 98 days were some of the hardest of our lives. When people describe the NICU experience as a roller coaster, they aren't exaggerating. Fear, frustration, love, hope, joy, anticipation -- just a few of the many emotions we experienced. My husband and I took turns sleeping at the hospital with Emmett and staying home with our three year-old, trying to keep life as normal as possible for him. We celebrated every gram gained, every milliliter eaten, every step toward breathing on his own -- and we cried with every step backward. Everyone warned us, "two steps forward, one step back" is the NICU mantra. But those steps back were still really, really hard. Those days were the longest. And then one day, we were told we could take him home. And just like that, we did. Now that we are home, the NICU feels like a distant memory, despite the fact that it once felt like a nightmare that would never end. I am so proud of our little fighter and I can't imagine our lives without him."

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Juanita Beach Park

Did you know the Happy Film Company volunteers with Preemie Prints? It's a special organization that connects photographers with preemie families who are excited to celebrate their babies recoveries!