How to Take Tropical Looking Family Portraits in Seattle Weather

Would you believe me if I told you we took these tropical family photos in Seattle? I bet I could convince a non-Seattlite that I sent my photographers to Hawaii to photograph the Chen family this summer. haha!

Seattle is such a gem for family photo shoot variety - we can take family portraits in the city, the forest, the mountains, the beach, the fields of tulips, lavender farms, vineyards, industrial yards...the list goes on!

If you're looking for a little beachy vibe for your Seattle family photography session, I recommend either Sunset Beach in Edmonds or Golden Gardens Beach in Ballard. Olga photographed the Chen family at Golden Gardens last month and she brought home a collection of images blew me away. I don't remember the last time I saw this Hawaiian vibe in our images and it made me so happy :)

the Happy Film Company - Chen Family - 7.jpg

There were three main reasons we were able to achieve this tropical style in our Seattle portrait sessions. 

1) The time of day (right before sun set when the summer sun was still pretty bright) gave a golden glow to the air.

2) Shooting towards the sun. By pointing her camera in the direction of the sunlight, Olga was able to get either a 'sun flare or sun haze' in her lens OR the sun was shining through the leaves of the trees and she could see the green glow from underneath. This golden glow in the leaves is really the 'golden ticket' to summery tropical looking photos. 

3) Shooting by the water and catching the sun glimmering on the water, the sand, or shining on the family's skin and hair. It's tricky because if you don't get the correct angle, the sun can go straight into your camera lens and everything will look way too bright. It takes practice to learn that perfect angle but when you find it it's heavenly.