How to Take Relaxed & Natural Family Portraits - Seattle Family Photographers

Almost nothing makes me so happy as seeing a little girl with big attitude and personality. I met the Torrey family for their Father's Day mini photo shoot session at Heritage Park in Kirkland and instantly fell in love with their daughter. She pulled her dad around, peeked back over her shoulder at me, giggled with joy as she played with her parents and like all little girls, clutched a little friend (her's was a stuffed doggie) in her protective hands. It's such a delight working with families like this who are up for anything and trusting of me and my camera.

I usually find the best family photographs happen when we dive in with a laid-back trust-the-photographer approach. I'll give you directions when I have a beautiful vision but I'll also let you run around free and play when you feel like it. This means you'll never be wondering what to do. If you stare at me, deer in the headlights because the camera is super scary or awkward, then I'll hold your hand the whole way through, making silly faces and asking you to do jumping jacks until the nerves disappear (or maybe they never do but hey, we laughed about it). If you want to pretend the camera isn't there at all, then I'll chase around behind you as you tear up the park on your adventure, and every now and then I'll just scream "Hey look over here! SNAP SNAP SNAP... Now get back to play!"

The beauty of our photography style at the Happy Film Company is that we work fast, aren't afraid to get dirty, don't mind giving you space or getting up in your face and we let kids lead the way so they're always interested, happy and helping us take pictures with a childlike mindset. If this sounds like a good fit for your family, send me an email with questions or jump on the band wagon and BOOK YOUR SHOOT online today! We're excited to meet you soon :) - Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Heritage Park, Kirkland
Adventure: Father's Day Mini Sessions