How to Photograph Kids When They Don't Want to Be Photographed

We had mini shoots planned for a bright sunny Sunday morning at the Kirkland Marina Park. The whole park was taken over that day by the 'Kirkland Uncorked' wine festival so we took all the families out onto the boat docks for their Seattle family photography mini sessions. It was perfect because the dock is semi-private and has lots of space to run around, cool benches and wood planks to sit on and tons of boats to stare at. The McCabe family was our first of six families to photograph that morning. They showed up in perfectly coordinated blue & khaki outfits (great for photos by the water because the blue compliments the blue water and blue sky!) The kids were not in the mood for photos so we just tickled, ran around looking at spiderwebs and swinging from mom & dad's arms. This is generally how we handle tricky attitudes with kiddos. There's absolutely no point in trying to force kids to have fun or be happy - we all know that never works. So we pull out the big guns - fast paced distractions. We try and give them things to look at and we quickly change tempo before they ever have a chance to get bored. Even the happiest kids can get camera shy or not want to cooperate with us during the photo shoot. We never worry about it and it never bothers us. We're always just excited to keep a movin' and see what they'll find interesting. As long as they're interested in something (a game, a stick, a song, tickling, whatever.....) we're golden. We can capture cute moments during almost any activity. So if your a parent who shows up a photo shoot with grumpy or tired munchins, never fear - we'll stick get those photos you're hoping for! We relish the challenge - bring it on kids! - Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Kirkland Marina Park Boat Docks
Adventure: Summer Mini Shoots