How To Be an Amazing Mom - Happy Mother's Day from the Happy Film Company

As Seattle family portrait photographers we get to work with LOTS of moms. Most of our clients are brand new moms trying to figure out how the whole mom things works - sleep deprivation, insane hormones, the greatest love you’ve ever felt, and total paranoia that you’re not doing as good a job as all the other moms. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Haha The best part though is that as a mom, you have this super-power to do something so small that it doesn’t even seem like a big deal to you BUT to your child it can mean the world.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, some of us ladies at the Happy Film Company sat down and wrote a few paragraphs about what our moms did that was AMAZING. Hopefully our words will give all of you moms out there some ideas, inspiration and a little perspective on what really matters to your kids. I’d like to point out that none of us thanked our parents for playing Mozart to us in the womb or feeding us multivitamins and dressing us in organic clothing. These are all great things to do for your kids of course, BUT instead of getting wrapped up in what child psychologists, doctors and parenting magazines want you to do for your children, give some thought as to what your children want most from you. When your children look back at their childhoods, their strongest and most important memories will be how you made them feel.

Happy Mother’s Day - You’re doing an amazing job. Keep LOVE your priority and your children will grow up with the best mom in the whole world.

Chamonix as a baby with her parents (1989).

Chamonix as a baby with her parents (1989).

"My mom was amazing at creating special new traditions for us. She ALWAYS had brownies waiting for us after the first day of school. She ALWAYS took us out to ice cream on the last day of school. She tucked us into bed the exact same way every night. We had a special handshake that meant "I love you". On Christmas morning she always tied a big ribbon across the living room doors. When I had a really important exam in school, I always came home to find a flower waiting for me. As a kid these traditions were simply fun. As an adult looking back, they're now precious and if I ever have children their lives will ALWAYS be full of brownies, ice cream, fluff-and-tucks, ribbons and flowers. Thanks mom for making such a big effort to make sure we had these special traditions and memories. You did a great job. I love you." xoxo Chamonix

"My mom has always encouraged me to be myself. No matter what music I listened to or what clothes I wanted to wear, she never discouraged me from liking them. Looking back at how I used to be when I was younger, sometimes I wonder how my mom ever handled some of the things I liked (don't even get me started on my Twilight obsession, ugh!). But then I come to realize that if she hadn't let me do my own thing, I wouldn't have been able to grow into the person I am today. So whenever I decide to have my own children, I will make sure to let them be whoever they wanna be, even if it isn't exactly what I have in mind for them. Thank you, Mom, for helping me grow into my own person. I'd like to think I turned out okay haha! I love you!" ~Amanda

"My mom was always my biggest supporter. Growing up I played t-ball, soccer, softball and basketball. I took ballet, hip hop and tap-dancing. I dabbled with gymnastics and playing the drums. I horseback rode and took ice-skating lessons, and it was all because of my mother! In pushing me to try new things and follow my passions, my mom taught me what it was to be brave. I don’t think there are words big enough to express how much I appreciate and love my mother for always pushing me as a kid, because it’s what taught me how to push myself as as adult. It pushed me to study abroad and live in a foreign country where I didn’t speak the language at 16, to go skydiving at 18, to move to Chicago and go to art school for my Masters degree at 22, and to travel to places like Egypt and Israel on my own at 27. My mom is the bravest person I’ve ever met and I know that if I ever have little ones of my own I will do my best to emulate that kind of bravery and heart for my children as well. Love you, Mama! Thank you for always, always, always being there for me!" xo, Paloma

"The thing I love most about my mother is her laugh. All throughout my life, I've treasured the times where my mom was doubled-over, tears streaming down her face as she laughed and laughed. Whether it is something dumb my brother and I said, something spontaneous and hilarious my Dad did, or a cheesy commercial, she always finds the funny in the moment. I can meet her eyes from across a room, and without saying a word, dissolve into hysterics. She has many superpowers, but her ability to always choose to laugh is one of my favorites! Thanks for teaching me what the best medicine is, Mom! " - Ashley

Happy Mother’s Day!