Golden Gardens Beach Photo Shoot - Seattle Family Photographer

A crowded Saturday afternoon at Golden Gardens Beach in Ballard is a tricky place for a family photo shoot. There is so much going on, people in the background, dogs running up to us and bright hot sunshine reflecting off the water & the sand. So why do it  (apart from the fact it's a convenient time of day for the family who booked the shoot)? Well, there's something special about that evening light at the beach. The golden glow through the trees and the sparkle off the waves as the kids splash in the water. It's beautiful and provided you know how to work around the business, search for good lighting and shady spots and find the best angles so people don't have to squint, then you're golden...literally. ha! If you want to learn how to take photos in these challenging summer lighting conditions, shoot us an email - and sign up for a photography coaching session! :) We love educating and spreading photography skills around the community. Thanks so much Horak family for exploring the hot busy beach with us. You guys were troppers! :) -- Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Golden Gardens (Ballard, Seattle)
Adventure: Beach Walk

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