Judi & Paisley's Finger Painting Photo Shoot at a Flower Farm - the Happy Film Company

Don't touch the bumblebees!!! Paisley was sneaking up on all the bees in the field of flowers and I bet they were scared out of their minds  - she was covered in all the colors of the rainbow and she was making ogre faces! Paisley and her mom Judi were at a beautiful flower farm in Woodinville, Wa spending a lovely afternoon finger painting in the sunshine. Judi is an art teacher and the two of them love getting messy together and creating colorful masterpieces! I had so much fun following them around, lying in the dusty dirt, trying not to get my camera covered in paint or be blinded by the sunshine. I loved it! Thank you so much Judi & Paisley for asking the Happy Film Company to do this beautiful mother-daughter photo session for you. You're two of the sweetest people I've ever met and I hope these pictures make you happy every time you look at them.

Chamonix of the Happy Film Company 
Location: Zante Flower Farm, Seattle, Wa
Time of Day: Morning

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