Father Daughter Portraits - Seattle Family Photography & Videography

When little girls show up to a Father's Day photo shoots with fluffy pink sweaters and stuffed dogs named "Doggie" you know you're in for a father-daughter treat! I love photographing dads with their little girls. There is so much tenderness and protection in the air and of course, it makes me think about my own dad. I used to dance on his shoes, dance with him in the living room to his favorite music, play golf with him in the garden and as I got older, we would have tea at Starbucks every Sunday morning. These father-daughter memories are so precious to me and I'm so honored and excited when I get to capture these important relationships for Seattle dads & daughters. If you're looking for a way to celebrate the fathers and little girls your life, a Seattle family photo shoot with the Happy Film Company might be perfect. It's a chance to carve out 30-60min where you just play together with no responsibilities and giggle when the camera makes you shy. The photos we take during this time are real and down to earth and I'm specifically looking to capture the tiniest expressions and interactions - the little things that are hard to capture in a selfie or a posed family photo. I'll take care of the camera work so you can play and be real and relaxed together. Thank you so much Park family for asking the Happy Film Company to photograph you on Father's Day! We're excited to be here for you as the girls grow up and need more photos with dad! :) - Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Heritage Park, Kirkland
Adventure: Father's Day Mini Sessions