Father Daughter Portraits in a Dandelion Field - Redmond Family Photographer

I have been excited to photograph a father-daughter shoot since day one of the Happy Film Company and finally today the sun was shining and it happened! Paul & Neela were playing tag, picking dandelions & patiently waiting for bunny rabbits to hop out and say hello. I gave very little direction apart from "Run through the grass and have a good time." and I just let them play together. It was actually 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' and this was their morning activity together before going into the office. Perfect! Most of the time I'm photographing families as an entire group with everyone present; obviously this makes sense because if you're going to spend money on family portraits, you kinda want to have the whole family there, right? So why pay for just a shoot with just one parent and the kids...or one parent and one kid...or just parents...or just kids? Simple answer. Relationships are dynamic and different. Father-daughter time is a very different vibe than mother-daughter or entire family together time. You can capture the special nature of each individual relationship. Understandably, it isn't financially possible for everyone to book full photo shoots for every relationship within the family - too pricey. So instead, consider using our mini sessions or our new POP-UP shoots for this. These shorter shoots are more affordable and we do them often so you can rotate through the family.