Seattle Family Photographer - Dullum Family with Dog at Redmond Watershed Preserve

ANOTHER family photo shoot with the Dullum Family! I think we’ve done 12 shoots together now over the past five years. I’ve photographed both girls since they were born. This time, the girls were obsessed with slugs and thankfully there were plenty in the woods for them to bend down and touch. :) My favorite thing about photographing the Dullum family is how playful they are. They are always booking shoots in the wilderness, climbing on trees, chasing the kids, having tickle fights (without me having to ask them to) etc… The more energy they bring to the shoot, the more exciting the photos can be. Of course, after an hour of hardcore play in the woods, everybody is pretty tired and excited to get back to the car. Perfect for afternoon naps and for me, an afternoon of drinking tea and editing the photos. I also threw together a short video of my favorite videos clips from the shoot. Just a few giggles to make everybody happy :) These photos were taken at the Redmond Watershed Preserve above Novelty Hill. It a special evergreen forest full of trails to explore, with easy parking and it’s great at all times of the year. x Chamonix