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Imagine all the good vibes and smiles that bubble up when you see a happy little girl playing with her daddy. I get this pleasure (it's a gift really) whenever I photograph the Ferreira family. This trio is from Brazil and their outgoing culture shines through in front of my camera even on the rainiest of Seattle days - and it's almost always raining when we take pictures together ha! When we took their maternity photos back in 2015, I had no idea we would be building a friendship for years to come. I've been watching Laticia grow up and I'm always so excited to see her little hand waving at me as I walk up with my camera. My favorite thing about photographing this family is that I don't have to try and make anybody laugh or kiss or have fun. They simply enjoy each other's company and clearly love spending time together. So whether the camera is up at my eye or down by my side, they're still snuggling and laughing and being silly. I hope all families who see their photos and meet them in real life will be inspired by the Ferreira family to wear bigger smiles, give more 'beijo's (kisses) and remember that having kids, being photographed and life in general is about having fun and being happy!! I hope with every cell in my body that the Happy Film Company can help spread this joyful energy to all the families we meet in Seattle. Thank you so much again, Ferreira for making me happy. See you again soon for more photos! - Chamonix

Ferreira Family Photo Shoots:
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Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Heritage Park, Kirkland
Adventure: Father's Day Mini Sessions


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