Best Seattle Family Photo Shoot Locations: Gasworks Park

Looking for a beautiful family photo shoot location that captures the funky vibes and natural beauty of Seattle? As photographers at the Happy Film Company, one of our favorite Seattle family photography spots is Gasworks Park on the north shore of Lake Union (across the water from the Seattle city skyline) next to the Wallingford & Fremont neighborhoods. It's a super popular photography location because of the great views of the city, the proximity to the water, the funky industrial structures to play around, and the open grassy field to run around in.

If you are hoping to get a lot of variety of backdrops and activities during your photo shoot, a location like Gasworks is perfect. If you're not sure what you want for your photos, it's also a great location because on the day of your photo shoot we can walk around together and pick whatever appeals to us in that moment - at a location like Gasworks Park you're keeping your options open.

These are our favorite features that we incorporate in our Seattle family photo shoots at Gasworks Park:

  • Big Grassy Hill: We usually start the photo shoot by asking families to walk up to the top of this hill. We take pictures from down low and then we race up to meet you at the top for a big sweaping view of the lake!
  • Cement Dock by the Water: After conquering the mountain, we make our way down to the water (usually chasing some geese and stopping to sit on a bench). At the bottom of the hill there's a little cement step you can sit on and search for fishies in the water.
  • Gasworks Factory Buildings: Coolest buildings ever! We walk around searching cool views inside the fence and we usually pose with the blackberry bushes (a sweet blend of nature and industry).
  • Cement Sculptures: Families tend to get very excited about these cement arches and we have them run through them towards the camera. This is usually pretty entertaining and cute since kids are dragged along or dangling from the arm of their parents. haha
  • Undercover Engine Park: Of course after all this outdoor play, kids just want to climb on something and there are lots of colorful metal engines and pipes to explore inside the undercover area.
  • Grove of Trees: What's a Seattle family photo shoot without some green trees! There's the tiniest little grove of trees right by the beach area - a great spot to play hide and seek. 

Thank you so much Dullum family for another gorgeous Seattle family photography session. I love working with you guys (I think you currently hold the record for having the most photo shoots under your belt haha) and it's been such a delight seeing your family grow over the past couple years. Thank you so much as always for choosing the Happy Film Company - I can't wait for your next shoot when the girls are even bigger and more squirmy! hehe - xx Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Gasworks Park