Beautiful Chaos at Christmas - Redmond Family Photographer

Deck the halls!! I felt like I was watching the Nutcracker while I was editing these photos of the Tullman family. Their Christmas themed family photo shoot took place in their beautiful home that was completed decked out with holiday decor, a charming little library, two Christmas trees, little ballerinas dancing around in tutus and fairy crowns and of course storytime in papa's lap. I always find it so fascinating photographing families in their homes because I get to see a little glimpse of the beautiful chaos those is raising children. There are toys everywhere, snacks on the counter, dolls lying on the playroom floor with scissor trapped in their hair, dogs running around and cats walking in front of my camera. I love the challenge of taking pictures through the real life runny noses and screaming tantrums and creating a final collection of images that looks beautiful and peaceful and joyful. I always feel like a magician when parents are amazed that their pictures look so "well-behaved" and stylish...because we all know that behind the camera... the stuff you guys don't usually get to see on the blog, is crazy-town!!! Cheerios stuck on my foot, fingerprints on my camera lenses and dog drool in my camera bag. It's all part of the job and I find it hilarious. So here you have it, another perfectly beautiful family photo shoot that sprung forth from a little bit of beautiful chaos. Happy Holidays! xx Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Private Residence