Ballard Farmers Market Winter Family Photo Shoot

"Yucky!" Max didn't like the watercress leaves he sampled. I was exploring the Ballard Farmer's Market with the Chen family for their Seattle winter family photography session with the Happy Film Company. There are so many beautiful artisan foods and crafts to see, like winter wreaths, local breads and beers and fresh Washington apples :D I chased them around with my camera as they explored the busy streets and played in the brick alleyways. My favorite moment was when they pretended to be a little line of elephants walking up the sidewalk, led by Mr. Max and all his energy! Once our fingers got a little chilly we zoomed straight to the nearest coffee shop for some toasty beverages. Thank you so much Chen family for once again choosing the Happy Film Company for your Seattle family photos. You guys are adorable. Happy Holidays! :) // Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Ballard Farmers Market (Ballard)