A Day in the Life Film of the Rosenzweig Family - the Happy Film Company - Family Photographers Seattle

I was squatting down onto the grass as low as a could go, hoping that the sunshine would sparkle down through the water and I would capture the epitome of childhood summertime sprinkler-play! (Fingers crossed my camera didn't get wet. haha) The Rosenzweig family invited me into their GORGEOUS home on Capitol Hill (a super cute part of Seattle) and I was blown away by all the happy colored walls and the wood staircase in this house. Soon, this sweet family will be packing their bags for Portland but before they move they wanted to capture their happy memories of their life in Seattle in this beautiful home. When I arrived, they had a list of fun activities that they love to do and we picked our favorites and ran around the house (literally) capturing it all on video.Thank you so much Rosenzweig family for choosing the Happy Film Company to be your family photographers Seattle. I'm so excited to give your happy family film and I hope it brings a smile to the face of everyone who sees it :D Happy summertime! Enjoy the show! :D xoxo Chamonix

The Rosenzweig family purchase their family film shoot through the Cooperative Children's Center 2014 Auction. We love what this Co-op is doing for kids and families in Seattle. Click here to check out why we donated a shoot to this auction.

Photographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Location: Private Residence, Seattle, WA

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