5" x 7" Image Boxes - Printing Your Family Photos - the Happy Film Company

WHY WE LOVE IMAGE BOXES: Boxes give you tons of variety. You can keep all the photos inside the box or take them out and put them in frames OR stand them on easels. You can slide the box onto a bookshelf or display it on the coffee table. Boxes are amazing for families that like to rotate the artwork in their homes. You can have a special frame and through out the year, you can choose which photo from the box you'd like to put out on show! Plus, the boxes are fantastic for protecting the images from direct sunlight and little accidents.  

HOW TO ORDER: You can order your image box directly through our office (send us an email) or through your online gallery using your shopping cart. (Image boxes are located under the "Products" tab.)

CHOOSING YOUR IMAGES: Each box contains 10 mounted 5x7 inch images. You choose your favorite 10 images from your online gallery — When you are shopping in your gallery, use the "Image Selection" tab to indicate which images you've chosen for your box.

For 2014, our 5"x7" Image Boxes are $190.
Please let us know if you have any questions about image boxes!
— xoxo the Happy Film Company team!

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