5 Tips for Taking Family Photos Outside in Cold Weather

Winter is my favorite time of year to photograph families in Seattle. I love the dark green trees, yellow (ie dead haha) grass, the cute brown boots and the matching red sweaters. The photos are so cool, crisp and cozy looking. I could go on all day about how beautiful Seattle family photography is during the winter. What you can't tell from the photos though are the obstacles that come with winter family photos. Here are my top three tips for preparing your family for a successful (i.e. fun, stress-free and happy) photo shoot with the Happy Film Company this season.

1) Hand Warmers: It gets nippy out there and little fingers get cold. Even my hands get cold and it's hard for me to push buttons on my camera. Have cute mittens for your kids and bring along some "Hot Hands" that we can shake up to save the day when the frost bites.

2) Blankets: Bring along a blanket or warm jacket that you can wrap up in. If you bring a cute blanket we can use it in the photos (you can wrap up cozy together). Even if we don't use it in the photos though, please bring a blankie so when we are walking around you can stay warm. This is especially useful when I'm focusing on photographing one kid - the other kids (or parents) can use the blanket. It's like an actor staying warm behind stage until you hear your cue to step in front of the camera.

3) Gingerbread Lattes: Love hot cocoa? How about Starbucks red cups? Nothing keeps your hands toasty warm like a yummy holiday beverage. Especially for us coffee-freaks in Seattle. Just like blankets, warm drinks (in cups or a thermos) can double as cute props and functional hand warmers. 

4) Location: Consider choosing a photo shoot location that is nearby a coffee shop, library, museum, book store, or other public heated building so we can run inside to warm up if necessary. This is tricky if we're taking pictures out in nature but even then sometimes just jumping in the car for a few minutes is a good option.

5) Tissues: Snotty runny noses. Need I say more?

In the winter, I make sure to work extra quickly and efficiently so if we have to end your shoot 20 minutes early because the kiddos' teeth are chattering we can. I get down to business right away, taking the most important photos first so I'm ready to end the photo shoot at any moment. I got your chilly backs! ;)

Thank you so much Ferreira family for being so playful during your winter shoot this season at the Olympic Sculpture Park in downtown Seattle. You guys are always so much fun to hang out with - so positive and joyful. I hope these beautiful family photos bring smiles to your faces this season! Lots of happiness, Chamonix.
Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Olympic Sculpture Park (Seattle)