4 Tips for Managing Mini Family Photo Shoots Sessions - Seattle Family Photography

In the piping hot heat of the summer sun, we ventured out into the Lavender Fields of Woodinville for some happy Seattle family photos with some of our favorite clients at the Happy Film Company. Olga and I were doing all the shoots together; half and half - this is usually how we manage our mini-shoots. Pulling off mini-photo shoot sessions can be a big challenge. For all you photographers and families out there wondering how we run so many successful mini shoots each year, let me explain what we do and why...

  1. EASY PARKING: We choose a location (like the Lavender Farm) that has easy access from the parking lot. This makes it easier for us to run back and forth as we work with multiple families. It's very challenging if the location you're doing mini-shoots at is far away from the meeting spot - you get very tired running back and forth. 
  2. PLAN AHEAD: We have assigned which photographer will work with each family ahead of time. This makes everything run very smoothly. When two families arrive at once, we introduce both photographers to both families and then explain that we're splitting up. We do this so families have a chance to meet both team members and they feel like we're all in this (both families included) together and we're not just awkwardly pretending the other family/photographer doesn't exist. This almost makes it feel like a big social event that they get to be a part of...something bigger than just themselves.
  3. SPLIT UP: After meeting the families, we head off in different directions. We never do photo shoots side by side because it can be distracting for the families and it also feels like a photo factory. bleh! We want every family to feel that they have our full attention when they've hired us for the Seattle family portraits. We do our best to make sure they have as much privacy from other tourists, photographers and passerbyers as possible. We also like having room to spread out so they can play and run around. 
  4. WORK FAST: Our mini shoots are super fast. We usually work with 15-20 minute windows. This is a perfect amount of time to get some variety with photos without the kids getting tired or losing attention. It's also perfect for the summer (when it's hot outside) or the fall (when everyone is so busy with the holidays). You can jump in, snap a few photos and jump out. Wipe your hands, all done, easy peasy. Just how we like it.

We love mini shoots because they make family photos more affordable on a regular basis, we get to see a bunch of our clients at once (always so fun to catch up), and we get a whole new bundle of images at one location! Win win! 

We typically offer one Seattle mini photo shoot session a month and it's always themed with the season (Cherry Blossoms in April, Lavender in July, Pumpkins in October etc...). Visit our online shop to see what mini-shoots are currently on offer! Let us know if you have any questions. 

-Chamonix, Olga & tHFC ladies

PHOTOGRAPHER: Chamonix & Olga
LOCATION: Woodinville Lavender Farm

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