Seattle Family Photography for Mother’s Day at Lake Hills Greenbelt Park

There is nothing quite so special as watching little kids sprout up from newborns into toddlers into young children. The last time I saw the Wilde family was at their West Seattle PEPS group photo shoot. Their son Nolan was just a wee baby with a giant smile on his face. I was blown away this past Mother’s Day when Nolan walked up to me looking handsome in his button up shirt and straw hat. It’s like magic! Plus, now he has a sweet little sister and their gorgeous family of four was just beaming with joy in front of my camera. This is the most magical part of being a Seattle family portrait photographer - I get to witness and capture growth. It’s incredible. For families that want to be photographed on a regular basis, we offer a special ‘Gold Membership’ at the Happy Film Company that includes 4 photo shoots in one year plus lots of little photography perks like rush delivery, free slideshows and an end-of-year video and photo book. Thank you Wilde family for choosing the Happy Film Company once again. We can’t wait to work with you again soon :) xx Chamonix & tHFC ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Lake Hills Greenbelt Park