3 Simple Square Photography Products for Families

We crunched the numbers and by popular demand we are now selling only 3 —that's right, just 3 — print products. They're our highest quality, cutest and most versatile products. They all make amazing photography gifts and make it easy to enjoy lots of your photos on a daily basis! Click here to learn more on our pricing page!

1) Square Magnets — $40
(2x2) Set of 10

Why We Love Them: Cutest little things ever!! You can use these photo magnets to stick your gift prints to your fridge or pin cute photos of your kids all over your desk! They're little squares of magnetic happiness!!

2) Square Photo Book — $65
(4x4) Includes 20-30 Images

Why We Love Them: This adorable little storybook is custom designed just for you! It fits in your purse or coat pocket which makes sharing so easy! The hard pages won't stick together, crease or tear! It's perfect for the coffee table or as a special gift for loved ones. Albums are a beautiful way to preserve your images for generations.

3) Square Prints — $25
(4x4) Set of 25

Why We Love Them:
 Gift Prints are positively perfect for sticking to the fridge, dropping in the mailbox, and glueing into scrapbooks.

You can order your square prints directly from your online gallery.
In your gallery, click on the little shopping cart icon beneath any photo to open your gallery shopping window. In the "PRINTS" tab, add "PRODUCT NAME". Then select the images you'd like to print in your PRODUCTS using the "IMAGE SELECTION" tab. 


Enjoy :)
tHFC ladies