Spring Adventures 2015 – The Happy Film Company — Seattle Family Portraits



(Planting Indoors or Outdoors)
Flower Picking
(Wild Flowers or a trip to the Flower Farm)
Rain Play
(Cute Umbrellas & Puddle Jumping)
Spring Picnic
(Cupcakes, Teacups, Cake Pops etc...)
Pajama Party
(Cuddle in Bed, Pillow Fight, Popcorn & PJs)
Dress Up
(Little Feet in Big Shoes, Teach him to tie a tie, Teach her to put on lipstick)
Dance Party
(Dress Up & Blast the Music; We'll catch you groovin' & being silly together)
(A pop of color at your spring photo shoot! Maybe a few to blow up too!)
Flour Fight
(Time to get messy! Throw flour at each other and cuddle in the puffs of white clouds!)
Dying Easter Eggs
(Need we say more?)
Beach Walk
(Keep it Simple)