Seattle Family Photographer — Glasser Family's Forest Walk Adventure — the Happy Film Company

The Glasser Family was not intimidated by the rain that greeted us in the forest on the morning of their big Seattle family photo shoot at the Redmond Watershed Preserve. They were all bundled up in raincoats and ready to skip down the forest trail. Their two littlest family members were lookin' rather flashy in a dinosaur raincoat and a pink vegetable raincoat — everyone else was clearly jealous. Rachel and I were climbing through boggy ditches full of fallen leaves to capture the special moments like little fingers peeling moss from the trees and little cowboy boots squishing around in the mud. The best part of the whole shoot was when we were walking back to the parking lot and Max (dinosaur raincoat) asked his dad to look inside a giant tree stump. Everyone stopped to wait for them and low and behold...what did Max find!!??! A Geocache! The boys pulled out the box, left a note and an empty Starbucks card, and took an orange bead necklace. haha I've never seen a Geocache before and I'm so happy that my first one was discovered serendipitously by my curious friend Max. Thank you so much Glasser Family for booking for family photo shoot with the Happy Film Company! We loved spending the morning with you and we can't wait until next time! — xoxo Chamonix (& Rachel)

I'm so excited to start sharing SLIDESHOWS!! I've just started making them for families as a fun way for them to enjoy their photos and share them more easily with friends. Slideshows are also awesome for kids birthday parties — you can just pop them on in the background for your guests to enjoy :D Click on the video below to watch the Glasser Family's slideshow: 

 Chamonix of the Happy Film Company 
Assistant Photographer: Rachel of the Happy Film Company
Location: Redmond Watershed Preserve, Redmond, WA
Time of Day: Morning

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