Lee Family Film — Pike Place Market Family Photos — the Happy Film Company

The Lee Family invited us to Pike Place Market for their Seattle family film shoot. The market was so crowded on a Sunday morning and we had to weave our way through the flood of people, trying to keep up with the girls who ran ahead of us. There was so much video-eye-candy — tulips and fresh vegetables and beautiful sunshine pouring down through the trees outside. My favorite moment of the shoot was when the girls ran to their dad and he threw them in the air. Editing this video made me so happy and although the market is a crazy place, I love that this family was up for the challenge and threw so much cuteness my way. Thank you again Lee Family! You're so sweet and I can't wait to make your next family film when the girls are a little bit bigger. 

Click here to view the still photos from their shoot.
Click here to watch their film on Vimeo. 

Videographer: Chamonix of the Happy Film Company
Assistant Photographer: Victoria of the Happy Film Company
Music: "Ready for Anything" by Landon Austin
Location: Pike Place Market, Seattle, Wa
Time of Day: Mid-Day

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