Seattle Family Photography at St. Edwards Park

The Wolfgram family met us at St Edwards Park in Kenmore, Washington for their Seattle family photos. This beautiful state park is full of forest trails that were full of early morning joggers and their cute puppies. Although we thought the pathway was gorgeous with the morning sunshine pouring down through the evergreen leaves, little Grace had her own opinions. Her mommy had dressed her in the most adorable outfit with brand new shoes but apparently, Grace doesn't like walking on uneven ground...especially in new shoes. So after we snapped a bunch of forest photos, we returned to the big grassy (flat) field in front of the old St Edward seminary and picked happy yellow dandelions. We especially loved it when she poked their eyes and noses and showed us all the animal sounds she knows how to make. Thank you so much Wolfgram family for the Happy Film Company for your Seattle Family Photos and for sharing this beautiful spring morning with us. We hope you enjoy your family film & photos for years and years to come and we hope we get to see you again soon!!

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: St. Edwards Park, Kenmore