Johnson Family Photos Seattle - Easy Forest Walk

When was the last time you ran through the forest on a Harry Potter broomstick chase? We had a blast with the Johnson family during their Seattle family photo shoot in the Redmond Watershed Preserve. They were so bubbly and bursting with playful energy which makes our jobs so easy! Plus, the sun was shining down through the tall trees — perfect!

We asked them to go hopping down the trail, skipping, giving piggy back rides, tickle fights, log-balancing-contests, and an awesome Quidditch match on the "broomsticks" we found in the forest. Where did all the energy come from? No idea — I guess 6 years olds have contagious happiness! Kat & Herschel just got married in February so I was also really excited to give them some photos of just the two of them. Thank you so much Johnson Family for choosing The Happy Film Company to take your very first ever family photos! We can't wait to help you build a beautiful collection of family photos & memories over the coming years! Enjoy! 

Photographer: Chamonix
Location: Redmond Watershed Preserve