Why You Should Get Photographed While Breastfeeding

At the end of the Sadler family's portrait session, Toni pulled me aside and asked if I would be willing to take some photos of her breastfeeding her daughter Roslyn. She explained that her friends back home were all getting breastfeeding portraits and she didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to capture this special time her in relationship with her daughter. I LOVE when people give me special requests like this because I want to take pictures that people really want and when they have something particular in mind, it gives me the chance to deliver something really special for them. I was touched by how much Toni valued her breastfeeding and I asked her to share her experience here on the blog in her own words. Take it away my dear...

"When my daughter was three weeks old, we moved to Maui for my husbands job.  The move was unexpected, to say the least, and more difficult because we left our entire immediate family in Phoenix. It was stressful, scary, trying and beautiful all at the same time. Our new family of three had to lean on each other to make it through a few difficult months. The one constant that I did have was the bonding experience of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding came easily to her and I which was a blessing, because there's a learning curve and we somehow avoided all of the issues that come along with being a first time breastfeeding mama.  

Without breastfeeding, the move would have been so much more difficult, because it was a time that I needed to feel bonded to something and someone. I leaned on this new experience any time I needed to feel connected. My daughter truly benefited from my need to feel connected, she is such a happy, healthy and confident little bug, It was a win-win situation for us both. Because of this, I wanted photos to capture the love we share during breastfeeding.  There are such precious moments that the outside world doesn't get to see, like the smile I get when I make silly faces at her or when she lets her tiny hand wander into mine to hold it.  These are moments I will treasure forever and I am so glad I have photos to remind me of our journey." — Toni Sadler

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Thank you so much Toni for asking me to photography this special bond you have with your daughter. It was a wonderful experience for me too and I hope this post inspires other mothers to celebrate this part of motherhood with photography!!