Pike Place Market and Post Alley Couples Portraits - Seattle Family Photography

Taylor & Zach were ecstatic to be visiting Seattle from Texas! What a treat to spend the morning with them at Pike Place Market and show them this beautiful city I call home. We avoided the March drizzle and explored the bubblegum wall, Post Alley and peered in the windows at Beechers cheese. As much as I have fun with kids at photo shoots, it sure is nice every now and then to run around the city with two adults who do whatever I ask and we get to have actual conversations during the shoot since we aren't getting interrupted by the little ones. ha! If you and your honey haven't been photographed (just the two of you) in a while, give me a call and lets go spend an hour exploring town, talking about good sushi restaurants & taking adorable happy pictures :) Trust me, without the kids, photo shoots can actually be stress free and a really fun date idea! Thank you so much Taylor & Zach for being such a delight. I hope the rest of your time in Seattle in magical! :) xx Chamonix & tHFC Ladies

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: City Walk
Location: Pike Place Market (Seattle)

Seattle Family Photography Mini Session at Kerry Park

Seattle is one of the most beautiful places in the world (it's a fact and I'm 100% biased being a born & raised Seattlist...but it's still a fact ha!) and when it comes to outdoor locations for Seattle Family Photography sessions we are spoiled for choice! If you're looking for a location that celebrates the city skyline, look no further than Kerry Park. It's a small neighborhood park with a massive view. You can see the space needle, all the skyscrapers, the water of Puget Sound with all the ferry boats and cargo ships and on a clear day you'll even see Mount Rainier in the background. There are often tourists mingling around with cameras and we can avoid them by climbing up on the little wall and finding our own private bench. If we're doing a short photo shoot then we'll probably just stick around the lookout area but if you've booked an entire hour of photography with us then we'll have enough time to explore around the nearby neighborhood which has some beautiful brick buildings, ivy covered walls and full little staircases. If you're searching for more interesting city photo shoot locations off the beaten track, just ask and we'll send you over our entire list of inspiring spots! -- Thank you so much Tankala family for ANOTHER sweet family photo shoot. Thank you for always choosing the Happy Film Company and coming back for more! We hope you have a fun Valentines Day and stay warm in the chilly weather. We'll see you again later this year for sunshine portraits! // Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: City Walk (Valentines Day Mini Session)
Location: Kerry Park

The Secret Behind Photography Crazy Children - Lifestyle Seattle Newborn Photography

Baby Georgi was crying her eyes out and Kennedy was running around like a crazy girl. The Cahill house was bustling with unusual energy the minute I walked in their front door with my camera. Who knows why kids act the way they do? Totally unpredictable personalities seem to emerge when the camera arrives.

Family photos never seem to go as planned because babies that never use pacifiers suddenly scream until they get one and little girls who normally love reading books decide they'd rather play catch with their dolls and eat ice cream for brunch. ha!

Parents usually look at my with a big "sorry" in their eyes as their kids run around me and my camera in a hurricane of kid-chaos but I hope you believe when I honestly say, 
1) It's my job and I'm used to it.
2) I love my job and kid-chaos is actually fun to photograph (esp. when they aren't your kids). 3) I've photographed over 500 families and I've seen it all. Chances are, your family is probably not the worst I've encountered (trust me) and
4) If it really is that bad, I'm just going to go home, eat some chocolate, and tell my boyfriend I just survived the worst photo shoot of all time!!!!!! Being the optimist that he is, he'll probably pat me on the back and remind me that it's my job to make sure photo shoots run smoothly. Then we'll sit down and brainstorm how I can do a better job next time to prepare or direct the photo shoot in a more effective stress-free way. See? It's all part of the job and we're gettin' better every day!

Thank you so much Cahill family for welcoming me into your home and being so kind and playful. I genuinely loved photographing you guys and I'm not complaining to my boyfriend about anything (you guys are great clients!)...that said, I'm still going to eat some chocolate....because like your daughter, sometimes I like a little sugar for before lunch ;) hehe See you again soon! // Chamonix

Photographer: Chamonix
Adventure: Lifestyle Newborn Shoot
Location: Private Residence