"Adventures" are photo shoot activities that help kids feel happy, parents feel relaxed and photographers feel creative.
We release a new list of adventures every season. 
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winter adventures
dec 2017 - feb 2018


Winter Picnic (Bring the Hot Cocoa, Candy Canes, Cookies, Blankies and Hats)
Bake Something Yummy (Bake in Your Kitchen: Pies, Cookies, Pizza...Whatever!)
Play Inside (Stay Home and Build Forts,  Fingerpaint, Read Books, Pillow Fights)
Explore the City (Library, Museum, Sculpture Park, Coffee/Book Shop, Market Place)
Nature Lovers (Hiking, Camping, Greenhouse, Botanical Garden or Forest Walk)
Beach Walk (Skip Rocks, Walk on Logs, Build Sand Castles, Beach Picnic)
Newborn at Home (Cuddletime, Baby Headbands, and Optional Breastfeeding)
Suggest Your Own Idea....