At the happy film company, you're hiring a team of vibrant young women (photographers & editors) with creative ideas & playful energy bouncing off the walls.

Your photos & videos will be reviewed by MULTIPLE sets of eyeballs so we keep quality in check and push ourselves to constantly improve.

we are all CHILDLIKE + easy going and WE CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU!

chamonix & the happy film company ladies


Hi, I'm Chamonix! I love roller coasters, road trips, music festivals, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, and playing Street Fighter with my boyfriend. I eat lots of sushi, green leafy stuff, and chocolate. When I'm not wearing my business hat, I'm singing and writing songs on my guitar. I grew up in Seattle so I'm super proud of the PNW, I went to university in Scotland to study theology, and I hung out for a while in Hawaii where I bought my amazing red Mazda Miata (which I drive even in the Seattle rain). SUPER POWER: energizer bunny PARTY TRICK: i can bend into pretzel shapes

Hi, I'm Amanda! While I'm not editing videos, I spend my time teaching musical theater, taking dance classes, and running the office at a performing arts studio in Mill Creek! I've been taking dance and theater classes since I was super little, so performing on stage is my life. Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, it's a must that I go hiking as much as I can and enjoy the beautiful nature we have here. Video editing has been my passion for years and once I graduated from high school, I decided to study film at Shoreline Community College. I'm also obsessed with cats! SUPER POWER: I can dance for hours on end. PARTY TRICK:  I can do the splits!

Hi I’m Cherry! I take care of all the office admin and backend support at tHFC. I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. During my free time I enjoy preparing lavish meals for my family and friends. I love going to the beach, Lying in the sunshine (in small doses). Being a full time wife, a full time mom and a full time employee is not easy but I just stay strong and keep my priorities straight and so I have become the time management queen! Life sounds hectic but I am still one of the calmest and laid back people you may ever meet.