Welcome to the Happy Film Company.
Let's go play outside! You bring the kids. I'll bring the camera. :)


Hello :) My name is Chamonix and I'm a family & children portrait photographer & filmmaker in Seattle. I created the Happy Film Company in 2013. Since then my team and I have photographed over 1,000 families in the Seattle area. I specialize in simultaneously shooting photos and videos for families with kids 0-12. Shoots with me are active and playful. Tickle fights are my favorite moment to photograph and I always let kids have freedom to play and lead the way.

Family photography is probably the most playful, enriching, down to earth and meaningful thing I can do with my camera. I am deeply excited when I receive a booking form through the website, especially from families I’ve worked with for years. Some families get photos with me once a year for holiday cards, some invite me to every birthday party, some families sign up for two or three mini sessions a year, some families had me photograph them every three months in their baby’s first year of life so we could capture all the fast growth from maternity, to newborn, to the first birthday.

If you want to invite me into your life as your family’s photographer, I am so there! Overtime, I’ll know your personalities, the kids remember my name, we’ll feel really comfortable around each other, and we’ll create a collection of photographs and videos that show your kids growing up. Sometimes I show up at a shoot and parents tell me the kids have been watching the videos on replay or that they all just sat down together to watch through all the videos I’ve made them over the years; it’s a tradition for them now. This who thing is a fun, warm, personal experience and I do my best to keep the whole process simple, comfortable and real for you; something you look forward to, quality time with your family and a little adventure out of the house.

You can book a photo shoot with me anytime.
Just fill out this booking form on my website or email me: hello@thehappyfilmcompany.com

I also offer mini session regularly (at least one per month).
Mini sessions are quick shoots at a set location and multiple families sign up for back-to-back time-slots.
Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of when mini sessions are happen.

I recommend scheduling 2-8 weeks in advance but feel free to reach out last minute too.
If it rains we reschedule and yes, you can bring your doggie.
You’ll get your photos and videos delivered to you online within 2 weeks.

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